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Cleaning! Sweeping! Mopping!

Young Woman Hates Cleaning The House
Young Woman Hates Cleaning The House

The feeling is 10X worse right after a long tedious day at work. Life should be fun. Enjoyable.

You Only Live Once → YOLO.

I say ditch all the mundane tedious house chores! We gotta evolve! But how?

There are ONLY 3 Options:

  1. Clean yourself
  2. Ask your family members to clean (Smart, cheap and can bonding!)
  3. Hire a full time maid/domestic helper
  4. Get a Robot vacuum

Out of the 4 options, I think the robot vacuum option is the most balanced one as first, you don't have to spend a bomb feeding someone under your roof, and secondly, you don’t have to do the house chores yourself. Double Win. Yay  ✌

You don’t have to see your family members giving you the sour face either. Triple Win I say! HAHA

So today I will be sharing a few tips on what to look for before you buy your very first robot vacuum. This will act as a general guideline without going into too specific details. We will save that for another day.

Generally, we regard the purchase of a robot vacuum as a significant investment into our home as robot vacuum is not relatively cheap compared to other home appliances such as toaster, oven etc.

A wrong purchase might destroy your first impression on the wonders of a robot vacuum.

And even worse is letting your other half nag at you for making such silly purchase.

So without further ado, follow us as we guide you on your very first robot vacuum purchase!

1. Identify Your House Size

This is the most important step. Do not skip this step. 

First, study how big your house is before you start searching for robot vacuums. As every brand has a wide range of robots to cater for different household needs.

For example, most entry level robot vacuum could only cover 1000sqft space as it does not have a “Recharge & Resume” feature which is only available in the top range robots.

So if you live in a house that is below 1200sqft, it is very likely the entry level robot vacuum will do the work fine for you. Unless of course you are looking for extra advanced features such as stronger suction power, systematic navigation, zone cleaning and so forth.

But if you are living in a hugeeeeee house (1800 sqft and above), you will need to look for robot vacuums that have “Recharge & Resume” feature.

Why do I say so?

That is because, the running time of a robot vacuum is determined primarily by the battery capacity. Technically, a bigger battery power will enable the robot to clean for longer hours, but it does not make sense to fit a super large battery into it just for this purpose. This is where the “Recharge & Resume” feature comes into play.

With this feature, the robot is able to identify and map your floor layout enabling it to remember which area has been cleaned and which has not been cleaned yet. With this mapping, once the robot detects that it’s running low on battery, it will return to its home base for a recharge. Once the battery is charged, it will resume from where it left off. All of this is done automatically without any human intervention. You just sit back and relax.

2. Do You Have Pets?

Dogs are Man’s Best Friend.

Pets are Man’s Best Friend. 

As much as we love them, we can’t deny that sometimes we are still annoyed with their excessive fur shedding (seasonal) and their furballs rolling right in front of your eyes. Ha!

We would strongly recommend looking for a robot vacuum that has stronger suction power to pick up even the thickest furballs on the floor.

With great power, comes great responsibility.

With great suction, comes great noise. AFAIK, Neato probably has the strongest suction power in the market, and they are the noisiest in the whole pack. Technology has improved a lot these days, but the general idea is still the same.

An example: A high powered-petrol car produces loud engine noise as well. Think Ferrari.

Besides having strong suction power, you should (highly recommended) to get one with HEPA filter.

In short, a HEPA filter traps 99.7% of the air particles such as pollen, mold, etc to keep the air within your home fresh and clean. We will explain this further in our next point.

The next additional feature that pet owners might want to consider is the brush attachment. With the traditional roller bristle brush, hairs or furs get tangled easily and it might be a tad of a hassle to clean it up. Usually you will have to take a pair of scissors and cut through the lump of hairs. Some brands do provide a special hair cutter for their brushes.

So what can be the better hassle free way? 

There are 2 more different types of brush attachment in the market. First is iRobot Aeroforce Tangle Free Extractor Brush and the other one is Vacuum Port Suction only attachment.

The Suction Port Attachment looks as below:

Using the attachment, all dust and hairs will be sucked into the dustbin directly. Such attachment are usually seen on China brands like iLIFE, ECOVACS.

The only downside is if there's a slightly stickier mess on the floor, the suction strength alone will not be able to pick it up compared to the brushes style. There could be multiple arguments regarding the effectiveness of such attachment, but we have not seen the more popular brands adopting it. Top brands are still relying on brushes to maximize floor cleaning. That brings us to the next brush technology from iRobot.

The iRobot Aeroforce Tangle Free Extractor Brush is their most revolutionary design to date. It is only available for higher end models, starting from the 800 Series (Roomba 890, 880, 860), Roomba 900 Series (Roomba 980, 970, 960), Roomba e Series (Roomba e6, e5), Roomba i Series (Roomba i7, i7+), Roomba s Series (Roomba s9, s9+).

The iRobot Extractor Brush comes in a pair to create a dual force cleaning effect on the floor. The newly designed brush has grooves on it that breaks down hairs into smaller parts while cleaning. The shorter hair/fur is now easier to be sucked into the dustbin.

WARNING: for long hair or furs, the extractor might not be able to do a great job in keeping it totally tangle free. But from many of our customers' feedback, the new rubber extractor does a pretty good job in terms of less tangled hair on the rubber brush.

There is also a downside of the rubber brush. After a prolonged usage of the rubber brush, it might get worn out and need a new replacement usually around 1-2 years time, depending again on how you use it.

So for non-pet owners, what do I need?

Well, the core idea is still the same, you should look for strong suction power. HEPA filters are a good addition if your budget allows it as only top tier brands comes with HEPA filter and we will go through it in our next point.

3. Do You Suffer from Allergies?

Sinusitis (runny stuffy nose, sneezing, morning flu) and atopic dermatitis (itchy or rash on skin) are pretty common allergies.

These are caused usually from allergens such as dust mites, mold, animal dander.

We can’t do much about it as technically there is NO CURE for allergies


Nobody says we can't do anything to alleviate our symptoms!

So how does a robot vacuum help alleviate allergic symptoms?

A good robot vacuum will come equipped with a HEPA filter system. Also for your information, only a select few brands (iRobot, Neato, Dyson) in the market truly offers HEPA filters for their robot vacuum. Most of the other China brands are using non-HEPA filters. They usually claim it's a High-Performance filter, but never HEPA. Do not get misled by them.

So what does a HEPA filter do? 

As mentioned earlier, a HEPA filter traps 99.7% of the air particles such as pollen, mold, etc to keep the air within your home fresh and clean. When you have allergies, you should change the filter on a regular basis.

If you have any of the above symptoms, please please please do me a favour. Get yourself a robot vacuum that comes with HEPA filter. We have written extensively on the benefits of HEPA Filter for allergy sufferers. If you want to know more about HEPA filter and its benefit, read here:

What is HEPA Filter  and How Do They Work

Robots that comes with HEPA filter are usually more expensive at the first glance. But it usually becomes a worthwhile investment once you start seeing your symptoms alleviated.

We have quite a number of customers that swear by it.

For non-allergy sufferers, you are very lucky as you can go with about any robot vacuums in the market. But we still strongly recommend getting one with HEPA filter if your budget allows.


“The first wealth is Health”

“You can’t enjoy wealth IF you are not in GOOD Health”


Navigation system

At the moment there are 3 different types of navigation used in the market and I will explain briefly the methodology of each navigation.

1. Bump and run

These bump and run robot vacuums are most commonly found on entry level robots. The robot will move in a straight line till it bumps into an obstacle (wall, couch, furnitures) and turn into a different angle and move again till it bumps into the next obstacle.

The better robots which uses this methodology employs wall following technology, edge cleaning, and also Dirt Detection technology (*hint hint* iRobot Roomba 690, 890, e6). Dirt Detection technology means the bot cleans the spot in a back and forth motion multiple times when it detects a spot with higher than normal level of dirt.

The bump and run method does look dumb to the naked eye. But from our experience, this method can clean as well as the higher end models utilizing laser and/or camera mapping. It might miss certain spots here and there, but it will surely get them tomorrow. Or the day after.

For this method to work flawlessly, you have to keep the robot working in a confined space that is around 1000-1200sqft. The robot manufacturers are aware of these limitations and that is why they provide Auto Lighthouse, Virtual Walls or Wall Barrier to restrict the robot movement in a smaller area. Anything larger, the robot might miss more spots.

The important key point here is this: you have to schedule the robot to run everyday. You have already invested in a robot vacuum, you should maximize the usage by making it work work work. Day in day out. And FYI, I’m not asking you to abuse the robot. HAHAHA.

If you live in a large house (more than 1800sqft per floor), you could still use these bump and run robots to clean, but it will require more work as once you have clean say Section 1, you have to move the robot into Section 2 to start the cleaning process again and so forth.

Therefore, if you live in a large house we would recommend getting a smarter robot that uses Laser and/or Camera Mapping. Which brings us to the next point.

2. Laser Mapping (LIDAR)

Laser mapping robot uses LIDAR to scan the room before it starts its cleaning job. Laser mapping technology is first used by Neato when all other robots at that time are still using the bump and run method. Neato is the pioneer in laser mapping robot vacuum with their first launch of Neato XV-11 in 2010. Only in recent years we see more brands such as Xiaomi, Roborock, and Viomi adopting this technology as well.

There are a few downsides to this navigation system though.

Laser mapping does not work well with super reflective surfaces like chrome or full length mirrors. The reflective surface will reflect the laser beam from the LIDAR sensor and distort the calculation of the robot. You will notice that the robot will display irregular movement, or sometimes unable to return to base for charging.

LIDAR sensors are also more prone to breakdowns with many complaints from Neato, and Roborock.

3. Camera Mapping (vSlam)

These robot moves in a straight line capturing each detail of your house such as walls, furnitures, and landmarks to make its calculation based on the information.

Camera mapping is available mostly for high-end robotic vacuums such as Roomba 900 Series, i Series, and s Series.

Are there downside for camera mapping?

Oh yes, there’s only ONE downside

They don't work well in totally dark areas.


Because the current camera does not come with IR (infrared) lights to capture dark surroundings yet (like CCTV for example).

This is the only downside with camera mapping robot vacuums.

Smart App Features

When the first smart app was introduced, only a handful of settings are useful such as scheduling, and adjusting the suction power. Even till right now, I still think remotely controlling the robot is not really an essential feature. Once you have set the schedules, the remote control will not be used most of the time. There are certain rare occasions that it would be useful though, like unexpected guest arrival etc.

But now the app can do much much more compared to earlier days. Brands have included many sophisticated technologies into their apps such as:

Interactive Maps

All systematic navigation robots now provide map within their app. After a few rounds of cleaning, your floor layout is drawn onto the app. The map should almost reflect your current floor layout. The alignment and shape might be off a little but you can usually use the homebase placement on the map as the original point of reference. What if I have multiple floors? What will happen to the map?

Hold your horses. We are going into it in the next point.

Multiple Floor Maps

Not everyone lives in a condo or single storey house. There’s a significant portion of you who are living in multiple storey house. With the introduction of multiple floor maps in high-end models, you can now have a single robot vacuum to cover multiple floors of your home without messing up each other floor plans. This greatly improves the robot navigation and cleaning efficiency.

There’s a tiny bit of catch though.

You have to carry or move the robot to the level that you want to be cleaned as the robot is unable to climb stairs yet (sneer emoji).

There is another hassle free way that you don't have to carry the robots around. Do you know how?

Yes. Buy multiple robots. HAHA.

It’s true, we have quite a number of customers that purchase multiple robot vacuums for each floor. Usually they will place the best robot in their living room, and an entry-level or intermediate robot for the bedroom upstairs.

Virtual Barrier or No-Go-Lines

With the bump and run robots, you have to place a physical Virtual Wall gadget on the floor to create a barrier to keep the robots from going into certain areas of your house (ie: Wet Kitchen). Now you can do the same  by drawing a line on the map within the app itself. You can even draw multiple lines as well (saving the cost of having multiple Virtual Wall) on the map.

Zone Cleaning

Zone cleaning is quite useful if you live in a large house, or if you don't need the robot to clean the entire floor every day. With zone cleaning, you can label sections of your house such as Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom (1,2,3..), Dry Kitchen, Wet Kitchen and so forth. Once it’s labelled, you can set schedules to clean specific Zones on different days.

Other features of smart app: Cleaning History, Alerts/Notifications, Maintenance Alert

Long Term Maintenance

Before you invest in a robot vacuum, you also have to consider the maintenance and upkeep of the robot. You have to make sure your robot is able to keep working for you to make your investment worthwhile. ROI.

Electricity or power consumption is generally low, a couple bucks per month. So you don't have to worry about high electricity bills.

There are 3 Major Concerns:

Reliability or Durability

“You always get what you pay for”

By reliability and durability, it means that the unit itself will face lesser breakdowns with time. The lesser the feature, the lesser moving parts or technology it has, the lesser is the failure or breakdown rate.

But that doesn’t mean that the high-end robots experience a high breakdown rate as well. With better established brands, their technology is more matured relatively due to their enormous experience in the field, hence relatively lower breakdowns.

Generally, we will always recommend you to go with better established brands such as iRobot (pioneer in robot vacuum since year 1990), and Neato. We would stay away from lesser known China brands such as 360, Clobot, Proscenic. There are good China brands too such as Roborock, Viomi, under the Xiaomi Group. But since the brands are relatively new, it will take some years to prove their reliability. Fortunately, most robot vacuums sold under us comes with a 2 Years Warranty giving you full peace of mind.

Spare Parts Availability

Common spare parts replacement includes filter, side brush, and battery.

Batteries are known to have a certain shelflife or charge cycles. As robot vacuum works diligently everyday, it is inevitable that the battery will one day deplete and could  no longer run as good as new. You will need to replace the battery. What if after 1 or 2 years of usage and the model is discontinued? Are you going to buy a new robot again?

On top of that, China robots are notorious for rapid new models introduction, and each model comes with a different design of side brush, filter,  and battery making it hard to get replacement parts.

When you purchase a better known brand, it is relatively easier to get the spare parts online or offline. For example, comparing iPhone X and One Plus 5, if either one faces battery issue, which phone do you think is easier to get it fix?

Using the example above, say you need a wheel module replacement for your robot vacuum. Which brand do you think is easier to get? iRobot or iLIFE? Roborock or Clobot?

Accessories maintenance

Proper maintenance is needed to keep your robot vacuum working at its best performance.

Filters should be replaced every 3-6 months depending on each brand recommendations. But we would advise for an earlier replacement if you have pets at home or you have higher usage relatively.

Therefore, you have to guesstimate the cost of replacement for the common accessories such as filter, side brush, and also battery.


There you go! I hope this guide helps you in determining which robot vacuum partner you need to choose.

If you are still undecided, feel free to reach out to our customer support via livechat or call us up! We are more than happy to help you decide.

Roborock S4 Max review: an efficient robot vacuum with a great app and  really good suction Review | ZDNet
New member in the house!

You are very happy when you first receive your robot vacuum cleaner, thinking, "Oh boy, finally I don't have to sweep the floor anymore!".

Getting the robot up and running to clean your house is easy. For the first few days, you will monitor and also take a peek at the robot to verify if the robot really does it job and clean every corner of your house. Feeling satisfied, you set up automated cleaning on a regular basis.

Now life is even better you think. Total hands-off approach. "Woohooo! Sweeping out of my life!". And then you totally forget about the robot literally.

Most of the time our customers doesn't even clear out the dust bin regularly unless the robot gives some error or notifies them via app that the dust bin is full. HAHA. *I'm sure many of you have experienced it before*

Although there are another group of owners (OCD, clean freaks, health conscious) that are the champion. They clear out the dust bin and change the filters regularly. *big clap for them*

To be honest, owning a robot vacuum is like owning a car. The robot vacuum is doing hard work sucking up all the unseen bacteria, microorganism, mold, spores, fungi, dust, allergens, and more.

Your robot does it every single day or every time it runs on the interval you set up. All it expects is a little help from you to clear the dust bin and also replace the filter regularly.

Why Do We Need to Replace the Filter Regularly?

1. Extend Robot Vacuum Lifespan

I bet this is the main priority for everyone. You have invested in a robot vacuum to reduce the workload on house chores. And you do expect it to run for as long as possible to justify your investment.

You might ask, how does a filter replacement help with it?
Oh it sure does.

Every robot vacuum is equipped with a suction motor that generates suction power in order to suck up all the dirt/allergens I mentioned earlier. The air sucked will then pass through the filter, which then traps the dirt/allergens. The remaining air will be released out back to your home. This is how robot vacuum works in general layman terms.

Air in. Air out.

After many cycles of cleaning, the dirt and allergens will build up within the filter and clog the filter over time.

When the filter is clogged, the suction motor will have to exert even more power in order to reach the optimal cleaning performance. When the motor is working under stress for long period of time, the rate of wear and tear of the motor will definitely increase. And soon, you will experience poorer suction power and be wondering why is your robot vacuum not working as great as before.

This would be one of the reason.

2. Maximum Cleaning Performance

Roborock Xiaowa E25 review - Pocket-lint
A clogged filter.

Just imagine yourself as a super heavy duty smoker for example sake, are you able to take in big deep breathe multiple times? I'm pretty sure you can't. Even if you could, you might be gasping for air or face some difficulties breathing. Why? Because your lungs are clogged with tar and/or nicotine.

For you to be able to take in big breathe multiple times, you would need a new pair of lungs or you wished you had never smoke.

The analogy above is the same for a robot vacuum. When you replace your robot filter, it's like giving your robot vacuum a new pair of lungs to breathe. Your robot will be very happy and can take in more deep breathes over and over again.

3. Family Hygiene

Hayfever / Allergies – Sinus-Pro's Blog
A few common allergens.

Even if you think that you're fine with the dirt and allergens kept on the filter, I sincerely do wish you to reconsider again especially if you have a family (which most of you are).

Not everyone else have the same immunity that you have. Some might be more prone to sickness or contracting allergies from dirt. And if you have babies or young kids, the consequences of falling sick might be more severe.

I'm gonna be real honest here. The filter will be the dirtiest, most polluted thing in a robot vacuum.

4. Better Health

4 Reasons Your Vacuum Cleaner Smells Bad - Oh So Spotless
No, the odor didn't come from you. It's from your robot vacuum.

Have you noticed that sometimes when the robot vacuum is running, you smell a weird funky smell coming from it?

This is the result of not clearing out the dust bin and filter regularly. Your robot has been picking up all sorts of rubbish, dirts, foods, snacks, and some even pet poo. Your dust bin definitely has to be cleaned, and filter must be replaced.

Do you know that bacteria thrives on the filter and can multiply as long as it's given the right environment namely water and food.

Does a HEPA filter provide the proper conditions for mold or bacteria to grow? The answer is yes. In a humid environment, it is possible for a HEPA filter to retain enough moisture to enable bacteria or mold to grow. A HEPA filter that is otherwise exposed to water, such as the condensate from an air conditioner, can provide the necessary moisture for microorganisms to grow.


And the risk is greatest, when molds/fungi grow on the sides of the filter.
Why do I say so?

This is because the molds/fungi that grow on the sides of the filters are not trapped by the filter. It will reside on the plastic holder that contains the filter. The mold/fungi is now free to move.

Do you remember I mentioned about air in and air out?

Now when you run your robot vacuum, the air intake will take the free mold/fungi and bring it out again into your home. This process is called "reentrainment".

Doesn't sounds so good now, isn't it?

5. Insignificant Cost

While it may seem that we are trying to sell you more filters (*which is true*) by asking you to replace your filters regularly, we are more concerned about you having the best experience with the robot vacuum itself. When you feel good about something, you tend to talk or share more about it, yes? *hint hint*

It's true. Don't laugh. XD

Let me break it down for you.

Generally, an average quality filter will cost roughly around RM20 to RM40, while a HEPA filter will cost around RM30 to RM60.

The recommended replacement interval is every 3 months. This is how we design our Care Plans, according to the filter lifespan.

On average, the monthly maintenance cost of the filter will be around RM10 to RM20 per month. I think this amount is pretty insignificant considering how many hours of work the robot vacuum saves for us, and also the benefit of having a cleaner air at home.

Should I Change Filter Earlier Than 3 Months?

The 3 months period is a general recommendation for a typical household. There are a few scenarios that would justify earlier filter replacement such as:

Another Question that many customers tend to ask:
If I don't regularly use my robot vacuum, can I change it after X amount of months?

Technically you could and you would save some bucks, but I wouldn't recommend it as bacteria, molds will build up over time. Personally, I think the negative impacts on our health and also the well-being of our family members is the utmost importance and must be prioritized.

Before I end, I would like to clarify that the filter context mentioned above refers to both normal filter and HEPA Filter. Do note that HEPA filter performance outshines the performance of a normal filter. You should expect to replace the normal filter even more regularly than a proper HEPA Filter.


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4 - Look for the lift lobby.

5 - Take the lift to level "LG". (Note: You will only reach Level 3 when you take the 2nd Lift. Just follow the instructions for now and you will get there.)

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8 - Now, turn right. Take the FIRST lift to level 3.

9 - Our office is now on your right. Unit no. A-03-13(B).

Robot vacuum cleaners have become a popular gadget since the last few years, and it is very easy to understand why. It’s easy to use and practical and who can ignore its hands-free action? Having a robot vacuum is hands down the most effective way of cleaning your house effortlessly within no time. Even though it is a piece of tiny equipment, it is highly effective. The new millennial love to engage themselves in smart cleaning and that's why they have changed the way they clean their houses by getting themselves a robot vacuum. And let me tell you, the robot vacuum is worth the hype. Want to know why? Well, we have listed down the benefits of having a robot vacuum.

5 Benefits of Having A Robot Vacuum

Highly Effective

1. Highly Efficient

Nowadays, a robot vacuum can perform multiple tasks. It not only cleans the house but also finds their way back to recharge itself. The biggest advantage of having a robot vacuum is that it systematically cleans the house with no human intervention. All you need to do is switch it on and let it do the cleaning. Most robot vacuum comes with navigation sensors that prevent them from bumping into obstacles. The dirt sensors present in it detect the dirty spot and clean it vigorously. And once it discovers that it is running low on battery, it finds its way to the charging dock and recharges itself. On the other hand, a regular vacuum cleaner such as Panasonic or Dyson has to be pushed around the room for cleaning, but you can control a robot vacuum with your smartphone. You can monitor and track its cleaning session. And not only this, you can also schedule your floor-cleaning chores and come back to a clean room

Time is Money $$$$


2. Save Time

Imagine the horror when you have to manually clean a room or push a full-sized vacuum all around the room after you are back from your work. Now imagine another scenario, where you simply pick up your smartphone and command your robot vacuum to clean the room. With scheduling, you can come back to a clean home every day and spend the time saved with your loved ones or doing other productive things. The robot vacuum saves your time and effort which is needed for cleaning your house, and this makes it very convenient for the working adults.

Ideal for Handicapped or Elderly

3. Ideal for Handicapped and Elderly

People who suffer from mobility issues like the elderly and handicapped can truly benefit a lot from a robot vacuum. The hands-free operation of the robot vacuum will prove to be a very liberating experience for the disabled and elderly. You do not need to bend to do the sweeping and the mopping and you do not need to keep pushing heavy vacuums all across the room. Just a tap on the smartphone will do the work for you!

4. Highly Economical

The robot vacuum has been in the market for quite a long time now and therefore, both the prices and features have improved a lot. It might look a bit pricey in the beginning, but you should know that it is very cheap to maintain a robot vacuum. The only maintenance that it requires is cleaning of the filter and the brushes once in a while, and that’s it. And even though it runs mechanically, its power usage is very low. Trust me; the electricity bill won’t burn a hole in your pocket. And also, the life span of a robot vacuum is very long, and this makes it quite a cost-efficient product. Even if you have a maid, you should buy a robot vacuum to maximize the maid effectiveness. Let a robot vacuum do the job of floor cleaning while the maid prepares you a delicious meal!

No Theft

5. No worries of theft

When you have an outsider at home, for example, the maid, you always have to worry or doubt if anything has gone missing. Cases of theft is not a rare scenario when there is an outsider involved. But with a robot vacuum, you can give your mind a rest because it won’t be stealing anything from you. In case anything goes missing just search the dirtbin of your robot vacuum; the only difference will be that your house will be squeaky cleaning. And why to worry about theft when you can actually rest the entire thought by buying a robot vacuum?

The robot vacuum is a blessing for every homeowners, disabled and older adults. It helps you improve your lifestyle by cleaning the house for you. It not only cleans your surrounding but also saves your time and effort without costing you a bomb. After going through the list of benefits above, will you get a robot vacuum to help you out? Let us know in the comments below!

In the past few years, technology has evolved drastically and taken a new leap. Thanks to it, we now have robot vacuums to make things easier. Can you imagine the day when after a long work, you have to start cleaning your house manually? Even the thought of manually sweeping and mopping the floors literally suck the life out of me. Well, now you can get rid of the Herculean task with the help of a robot vacuum. One cannot help but ask if do they really need a robot vacuum? Can robot vacuum really help with the house chores? We are here to help you, and the answer is yes, you need a robot vacuum if you belong to one of the categories mentioned below:

5 Types of People Who Needs a Robot Vacuum

1. Busy Working Adults

Modern life is a hectic affair, especially if you are a working adult. After slugging on work the entire day, it becomes impossible to indulge in deep cleaning. And when you have been working for the whole week, do you want to further spend your weekend cleaning your house? Also, when you are working, you hardly get any personal time or family time, and in such a scenario, you can easily let go of the cleaning time. Not to forget that the current Gen Y loves a cleaned apartment but don’t want to dirty their hands cleaning it. If you are busy working adult, you can always use the helping hand of a robot vacuum to make things much more manageable. Give the cleaning job to a robot vacuum, so that you can focus on something much more productive ie: spending time with love ones. <3

Families without Maid Troubling Kids To Clean

2. Families Without Maid

The larger the family members, the messier everything gets when it comes to cleaning the house. But if you have a maid, all is well (*maid brings another load of problems itself but we shall discuss about it a different time. Will link to it later). But if you don’t have a maid or you experience maid runaway issues, then you should consider investing yourself a robot vacuum. Moving the furniture from here and there to clean the floor underneath is not possible without the help of a maid. But the robot vacuum can do it quickly, thanks to its short height. That’s just one of the many ways by which a robot vacuum can help you.

Super Busy Housewives

3. Housewives

A housewife or a homemaker has plenty of things to do. Trust me; if you are a housewife, your work burden is sometimes even more magnificent than a working professional. How can one forget that apart from managing the house chores, they also have to take care of the kids? Running from schools to tuitions along with the kids to feeding babies, the responsibility of a housewives is tremendous. And if you are new parent expecting baby soon, things can get out of hand pretty quick. And just because you are a housewife, it doesn’t mean that you have to do cleaning manually everyday. A robot vacuum can easily take of the responsibility off your shoulder and make your life a lot easier. On top of that, most Malaysians live in a pretty big houses compared relatively to countries such as Singapore, Japan, United States etc. It really makes much more sense to have a robot vacuum to clean your huge house.

Pet Allergy Sufferers

4. Allergic/Pet suffers

Many people are allergic to dust. Are you one of them? If yes, we can know the plight when it comes to cleaning your room. Do you need to suffer like this? No, because now you have a way out for taking care of your health. People who suffer from respiratory diseases like asthma, sinus and respiratory issues have to go an extra mile to ensure that they are not surrounded by dust. A slight irritation in the respiratory system is enough to cause breathing difficulty. It is not advisable that you do the cleaning yourself when you are suffering from such issues. A quality robot vacuum will keep your place squeaky clean, and you will never have to face the allergy issue ever again. Also, if you have a pet, you might be facing problems like shedding hair of the pet. Manually cleaning it is not possible, but it can be mechanically cleaned easily with a robot vacuum.

Elderly People Backache

5. Elderly People

For elderly and disabled people, even a simple task like sweeping and mopping that needs bending becomes a huge struggle. It is not convenient to engage oneself with household work at this age. Also, at this stage, using a regular vacuum cleaner is a big problem. But the robot vacuum that works so smartly is a huge convenience for the seniors. If you are an elderly, you can sigh a breath of relief by getting yourself a robot vacuum. And if you are someone working who stays away from the parents, why don’t you gift them a robot vacuum to make cleaning a convenient task for them?

Robot vacuums have moved out of the sci-fi movies and are here to help you for real. If you are someone who knows the importance of regular cleaning but is unable to indulge in it because of constraints, you are someone who needs a robot vacuum.

Everyone is looking for the best deal in town, and with Lazada, Shoppee, Qoo10, its so easy now to check and compare prices.

And with the poor backend system used on these marketplaces, you usually get lost with the flood of similar offerings for an identical product.

Today I will be sharing why you should buy a global Xiaomi or Roborock unit.

UPDATE: read till the end of the post to find out why you MUST get the Global set.

Why Global Set aka International Set?

1. Seamless Connection

This is very very important. If you purchase a China set, you will have to set your country/region to China, and every time you want to establish a connection with the robot within your home Wi-Fi or even remotely, it will have to bypass the China servers.

Since the servers are located in China, the response time will be slow. And also if you don't know, China has strong network firewalls that prevent incoming traffics from any other countries except themselves.

So you might experience some connectivity issues some time.

2. True Ecosystem Connectivity

If you intend to own multiple Xiaomi home automation products in the future, you should beware that only the global sets will give you the best experience.

Most of the non global sets have to used China as their country location. So if you happen to have a mixture of Global sets and China sets, you will find yourself constantly switching accounts back and forth. Not something that you really want right?

3. Easy software/firmware upgrade

With global sets, your product update will be seamless as the servers are not located within China. See point 1 again.

4. Default language is English

The default langugage global sets of Roborock and Xiaomi are English. If you have purchased a China set, the default language is in Chinese. However you will be able to modify the language later within the Mi Home app settings.

5. Power plug is UK plug

The global sets comes equipped with UK plug which is directly compatible with our local socket. There will be no need for an extra adapter to be able to use it.

UPDATE: As there are many sellers who sells China set Roborock, we have received a memo from the Roborock company that there will be a future upgrade to all Roborock and Xiaomi manufactured.

The update will make the Roborock unable to receive updates or used outside of China. This is a strict measure taken against the illegal importers from China and to protect their distributors of Global version.

What is the point of purchasing a cheap Roborock from Lazada or Shopee to have it unusable few months down the road?

I hope this post gives you enough reason to convince yourself in getting a global set.

Ultimately, this is a risk you can avoid.

I will show step by step guide on how to pair your new iRobot with the iRobot Home App.

Step 1

Install the iRobot Home App.

For iOS:


For Android:


Step 2

Launch the iRobot Home App. For first time user, it will prompt you to set your Region/Country.

Step 3

Select your country region. ie: United States, Singapore, or Malaysia.

Step 4

Register a new account with your email address. If you had previously registered an account with iRobot, please register for a new account again.

Step 5

Follow instruction on screen to pair the iRobot Home app with your robot.

Step 6

After successful pairing, you should not see any greyed cloud icon.


At any point of time if you see a greyed cloud icon (it happens if you decide to switch from WiFi to data), don't worry (sometimes the app loses connection with the iRobot remote server). Even our telco sometime loses signal. It's pretty common nowadays.

Here are the steps below:

1. Close the iRobot Home app

2. Launch the iRobot Home app again.

3. Give it some time, about 20-30 seconds depending on your internet/mobile data speed, while it establishes connection.

4. The greyed cloud icon should be gone now.

Voila! That's it!


I will show step by step guide on how to pair your new iRobot with the iRobot Home App.

Step 1

Install the iRobot Home App.

For iOS:


For Android:


Step 2

Launch the iRobot Home App. For first time user, it will prompt you to set your Region/Country.

Step 3

Select your country reginon as China

Step 4

Register a new account with your email address. If you had previously registered an account with iRobot, please register for a new account again.

Step 5

Follow instruction on screen to pair the iRobot Home app with your robot.

Step 6

After successful pairing, you should not see any greyed cloud icon.


At any point of time if you see a greyed cloud icon (it happens if you decide to switch from WiFi to data), don't worry (sometimes the app loses connection with the iRobot remote server). Even our telco sometime loses signal. It's pretty common nowadays.

Here are the steps below:

1. Close the iRobot Home app

2. Launch the iRobot Home app again.

3. Give it some time, about 20-30 seconds depending on your internet/mobile data speed, while it establishes connection.

4. The greyed cloud icon should be gone now.

Voila! That's it!


There are currently 2 methods to hire a foreign maid ("domestic helper") currently in Malaysia

  1. Hiring through a maid agency
  2. Hiring through Maid Online Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia

Today I will be talking mainly about Method #1 as it is the most common and easiest approach to hiring a maid.

I will link to Method #2 on another blog post.

Okay, let's get down to crunching numbers.

Maid agency typically charges around RM15000-RM18000 as agent fees. The official fees fixed by the Malaysian and Indonesian goverment is RM8000 only. The agency fee makes the bulk of the cost, as these agencies supposedly take away the stress of hiring a domestic helper by recruiting, obtaining work visas and training the maids.

Let's look at the monthly unavoidable expense that you will incur.

[ninja_tables id="63390"]

This is the first year upfront cost you have to pay in order to hire ONE (1) maid.

[ninja_tables id="63391"]

Wait! It's not over yet!

After the first year is over, for the second year, you have to send the maid for FOMEMA checkup and also renew his/her work permit.

This is the expenses incur for the second year.

[ninja_tables id="63392"]

So the total expenses incur for having a maid over a period of 2 Years is as below:

[ninja_tables id="63393"]

So what is the monthly cost you are actually spending on having a maid?

[ninja_tables id="63394"]

Yes, it seems that having a maid seems pretty affordable at the beginning. You are paying like RM1200-ish every month. But you also have to factor in the other cost that you have to pay upfront recruiting the maid.

Many people overlook the cost of the agency fees which is a big chunk of where the cost is allocated.

Although on the surface, it actually seems that hiring a maid is pretty affordable, ranging from RM1200-ish every month. But you have to factor in other cost that you have pay upfront.

Also another important thing to take note:

Most maid employment contract is about 2 Years. After the 2 years is due, usually (MOST OF THE TIME) you have to pay the maid agency again for a new employment.

There are many reasons why this happen.

This vicious cycle never ends. So you can expect that the average monthly cost is what you have to pay every month if you ever decide is hire a maid.

Many robot vacuums in Malaysia today comes equipped with filters. Higher-end models comes with HEPA Filters. So what exactly should you look for? Filters or HEPA filters? Why should you choose robot vacuum with HEPA filters?

While our homes might seem to have clean air, the reality is very different. The air we breathe is filled with particles of dust, allergens, dirt and dust mites – all of which can cause allergic reactions or asthma attacks.

You can’t get rid of these floating allergens completely, but you can reduce them to manageable levels. But how?

This is what I will be talking about today.

What is HEPA Filter?

The best type of filter is the HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter – which is why they have become such an important selling point for all sorts of vacuums and air purifiers. These filters can remove particles as small as 0.3 microns, which is considerably smaller than standard filters.

HEPA filters don’t just catch hair and dirt though. They are effective at stopping certain types of bacteria, viruses and mold from spreading around the home.


According to the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology, a true HEPA filter is one that can trap 99.97 percent of dust particles that are a minimum 0.3 microns in diameter (where a micron is one millionth of a meter).

To put this in perspective, a human hair is around 100 microns wide.

How Does HEPA Filter Works?

Basic non-HEPA filters act as a sieve aka "tapis". Air passes through a sheet of small holes, which traps larger particles while letting the majority of the air through. This works well for larger particles, but small particles of dust, dirt and hair can still pass through without being caught.

So in order to make these non-HEPA filters more efficient, robot vacuum manufacturers adds an extra layers of filters, some even add cotton to their filters!

The only problem from these approach is that these filters become stuffed/congested with particles, dusts, very very quickly and you find that your robot vacuum losses suction over time, and the performance deteriorates.

That’s why HEPA filters use a different mechanism to remove dust and dirt particles from the air. There are two primary stages:

This combination of techniques makes HEPA filters highly effective at removing airborne particles. To be classed as a HEPA, a filter must be capable of removing up to 99.97% of particles from the air, including dust mites, mold, pollen, dirt and bacteria. As you can imagine, this can greatly relieve allergies, which is why we always recommend robot vacuums with HEPA filters for allergy sufferers.

Should You Get a HEPA Filter?

You should always, always, I repeat, ALWAYS opt for HEPA filter whenever possible, be it vacuum, robotic vacuum, or air purifier.

While HEPA filters can’t eliminate all allergens, HEPA filters can significantly reduce the amount in the air dramatically. This can quickly relieve airborne allergies symptoms for people with asthma, sinusitis or hay fever to name a few, or at least reduce them to a manageable level.

But what if you don’t have an allergy? HEPA filters is still be good for your general home health and hygiene, as they prevent a big portion of bacteria, mold, spores and viruses from being released back into the air after vacuuming. They also help to keep your home’s air cleaner, which is always a good thing.

One thing to note is that HEPA filters CANNOT remove odours, nasty smell (applicable if you have pets at home).

Hope you learn a thing or two!

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