Hobot 288 Window Cleaning Robot

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  • window-cleaning robot from Hobot makes the hearts of all window-cleaning-grumpies beat faster
  • can clean different surfaces such as: smooth and rough glass surfaces, engraved glass, tiled walls and the like.
  • Using artificial intelligence (AI) the window cleaner robot evaluates its routes to choose the most efficient one
  • The HB-288 is controlled with a remote control or by Smartphone
  • Window cleaning has never been easier – and safer. Thanks to the integrated emergency battery and the safety rope the robot won’t fall off during a power cut


  • Large cleaning area

A piece of micro-fiber cleaning cloth with 24×24 cm is attached on HOBOT robots. The large cleaning cloth is highly suitable for homes, offices, cafés, restaurants and other kinds of small-scale businesses.

  • Power cleaning

A powerful vacuum makes HOBOT robots stand on the surface of the glass;meanwhile, it sucks out the dust and removes the impurities.

  • Laser sensor

The laser sensor is used for measuring distance and height, which enable measure precise distance while HOBOT robots freely work on frameless windows.

  • Efficient movements

Two caterpillar treads are attached to HOBOT robots which are quick to move at 12cm per second. To be precise, HOBOT robots clean one square meter in 2.4 minutes.


  • High reliability design

An auto-adjustable pneumatic pad automatically controls the driving force and keeps the force between caterpillar treads and cleaning cloth in proportion, so extremely dirty glass surface does not interrupt HOBOT robots’ task of cleaning the whole window and make it slippery.


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