Mi Electric Razor

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  • Skin-Friendly Blade – The Outer Knife Net Uses Voronoi Geometry, Less Than 4cm2 on the Knife Net, Distributed 1148 Holes, Can Make The Knife Net and Facial Contour Fit Better.
  • Easily Shave Facial Beard – It Uses a High-Speed Motor That Is Customized by Japanese Technology to Achieve the Maximum Speed of 7800 rpm. The Working Volume is About 65 dB For More Comfortable Use.
  • Powerful Battery – Built-in Custom High-Density Lithium Polymer Batteries Last Longer. Shave for 3 Minutes Every Day at Full Power and Use It For 30 Days.
  • Easier to Clean – The Packaging Comes with a Cleaning Brush. Simply Remove the Outer Knife Holder and Use a Brush to Clean the Inside of the Knife Net and The Residuals of the Cutter Head to Easily Complete Cleaning.
  • Compact and Mini Size – Extremely Thin All-Metal Body, It Can Be Easily Stowed in a Shirt Pocket or Bag for Easy Carrying.
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