Mi Induction Cooker

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  • 100+ cooking modes
  • You are free to choose cooking modes such as frying, boiling and more
  • Stable heating
  • The traditional induction cooker will appear intermittent heating problems, the unstable temperature will lead to cooking failure
  • In order to solve this problem, Xiaomi induction cooker using dual-frequency heating technology, which can give you a cooking experience such as the traditional stove
  • Low-temperature cooking
  • Benefit from the sensitive temperature probe and dual-frequency heating technology, Xiaomi cooker can lock the pot temperature for a long time
  • Double non-slip, stable and durable
  • Water and electricity isolation to avoid accidental leakage
  • Xiaomi induction cooker’s plate and the relative of the electromagnetic coil are separated, so the water stains can be discharged in time
  • External temperature probe, intelligent heat regulation
  • Xiaomi home induction cooker with an external metal temperature probe, which can directly access to the bottom of the pot, accurately measure the temperature of the pot body
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