Mi Seabird Movement Camera Selfie Stick

  • The SEABIRD camera self-timer comes with a PTZ fixture. Once fixed, it can be used with one hand and framing. It is not convenient to say goodbye to the camera.
  • The high-grade aluminum alloy surface is subjected to high-precision grinding and hard anodizing, and its density is low and the weight is light. High strength, close to or exceeds high-quality steel, strong corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, not cold and brittle at minus 35 degrees, wear-resistant.
  • Quickly install the seabird camera without the need to purchase additional adapters or screws. The 1/4 standard screw hole on the bottom of the selfie stick allows the self-timer to be mounted on any camera head.
  • Leather handle, with good anti-aging, tear elongation, wear resistance, rebound value, moderate hardness, waterproof, no deformation, to solve the traditional sponge grip is easy to deform, afraid of water and other defects.
  • Shrink 19cm, stretch 70cm, and decide the shooting distance.
  • The strong rubber hand strap can be hung on the wrist when not using the self-timer, which is portable and does not affect the action.
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