Neato Botvac 80

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ATTENTION: We are no longer taking in Botvac 80, please proceed to Neato Botvac 85

  • Patented Neato Technology-Laser-guided navigation system scans and maps the room, plans and methodically cleans-instead of just bumping around
  • Versatile Brush System-Easy-to-swap Combo and Blade Brushes for maximum cleaning flexibility; Perfect for all floor types and pet hair pick-up
  • Comes with the heavy-duty blade brush, combo brush and one high-performance filter
  • Precise edge cleaning side brush; Neato Botvac’s precise edge cleaning side brush makes sure not a speck of dust escapes its path
  • Control Center-Easily schedule daily cleanings or just push a button for instant multi-room or spot cleaning

Versatile brush system

With swappable combo and blade brushes allows you to thoroughly clean carpets and bare floors and pick up pet hair.

High-performance filter

Captures particles as small as 0.3 microns in size, including mold and pet dander, to help keep your home clean.

3.6-amp motor

Offers powerful performance.

Bagless technology

Saves time and energy with no bags to replace.

10-9/10″ cleaning path width

Covers a wide swath of flooring with each pass.

Edge-cleaning side brush

Helps remove dirt and debris from hard-to-reach areas.

1-cup bagless bin

Holds a large amount of dirt and debris.

Control center

Lets you schedule daily cleanings or select multiroom or spot cleaning options.

Auto charge and resume function

Allows the vacuum to automatically return to the charging base when needed, then continue cleaning when the power is fully replenished.

There has been incidents where Neato Botvac Series fell off from stairs. This risk will be mitigated by placing the boundary marker on the edge of the stairs. As Botvac D and Connected series is a new release, we have no such incident reported yet. Please call us for more info.

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