Roborock Xiaowa e3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Sweeping and Mopping Robotic Vacuum Cleaning

RM2,250.00 RM1,750.00

SAVE 22%

  • Double gyroscope inertial navigation system, combined with dual optical motion tracking and other sensors achieve a planned cleaning path
  • You can control your robot at home or away, schedule weekly or daily cleanings, and check on its status
    With 640ml dust box, it can store large dust without cleaning dust box frequently
  • Great for big size house
  • When the electricity is less than 30 percent or finishes the cleaning task, the sweeper will go back to the charging base, time-saving and effortless
  • Capable of climbing a 2cm slope, protecting your floors


Roborock Methodical Clean System

Roborock Xiaowa e3 robot distinguishes itself from common robot vacuum with its dual-gyroscope system and dual-optical motion tracking sensors.

Dual-gyroscope system senses an operating angle and adjusts the body to keep the previous methodical clean path.

Dual-optical motion tracking sensors work like “Electric eye” which precisely calculate each step and a cleaning map is accurately defined without missing.

Roborock Xiaowa e3 robot saves 20%-30% clean time and battery consumption than common systematic robot vacuum.

Intelligent and Flexible

A full suite of sensors indicate more intelligence when tackling complicated cleaning environment. No need to worry about falling down from stairs, being stuck and charging.

Tangle Free

Brushes and wheels are both designed to be tangle-free, avoiding hairs or furs get into the cleaner. A beak-like clean tool accessory is included to remove hairs.

Multi-Mode Clean

Carpet, Quiet, Mopping, Balanced, Turbo & Max mode, switching among different modes flexibly to meet different cleaning requirement. Enjoy your cleaning time.


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Sweeping and Mopping

Sweeping and moping at one time, which reduces your mopping chore but provides a dustless and presentable home.

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Efficient Target Cleaning

Press the spot clean button to let it clean a circular area in 1.2m diameter. Special design for your clean preference.

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Self-adjust Brushes

The main brush floats up and down to keep close to the ground and the dynamic variable-speed side brush adapts its speed according to different clean situation, ensuring a full clean



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Gentle Hit

This robot slows down and touches the obstacles gently. Safe to your baby, your pets and your furniture.

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Strong Suction

The design of a streamline air duct with oversize 640ml dust bin utilizes the air force to the max and steer it smoothly, improving its clean efficiency.

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Smart Self-protection

The Xiaowa e3 robot vacuum automatically stops to change direction if cliffs are detected. And this cleaner would stops working if lifted off ground.



Washable E11 Strainer

High efficiency E11 strainer captures 99.2% of dust and allergens as small as 0.3 micron. Washable design extends its service life and reduces the replacement frequency.

Plug-In Design

Plug in the water tank for preparation of mopping, no need to overturn the robot. The mop cloth is designed to adhere to the tank entirely, avoiding any edge curling.

Smooth Climbing Ability

Crossing over obstacles of 2cm at ease enables this Xiaowa e3 to cross over threshold or climb on carpet smoothly, meeting the requirement of different floor types.

Endurance Clean

The 100-minute life battery enables the robot to clean the whole house from a single charge.


Please turn on the Carpet mode in the App and suggest NOT use in dark colored and long-pile carpet

For optimal performance, please use the beak-like cleaning tool to remove hairs on the brush

Please remove drapery, slippers, cables or anything would stuck the robot off ground

Please read the user’s manual carefully before using

Stairs lower than 7cm may affect the performance

2.4GHz Wi-Fi Required

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