Viomi Water Filter Kettle (No Timer) VH1-B

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  • Food-grade Materials, BPA-free and odorless, eco-friendly to use.
  • 7 Multipurpose Filters to reduce chlorine, limescale, impurities or heavy metals for an odorless and antibacterial water drinking.
  • Global Selected High-quality Filtering Material with LK natural coconut shell active carbon and UK sodium-free icon-exchange resin, produces pores within each grain of carbon, creating tiny tunnels and spaces.
  • Intelligent Filters Lifespan Display enables you easy to know the lifespan of filter, the filter lifespan improved from 4 weeks to 6 weeks can best cut the taste and odor of chlorine while reducing copper, cadmium and mercury impurities, so to replace the filter after 6 weeks will be better.
  • Innovative 360-degree Water Intake Flowing is designed to make full use of each grain of carbon filter, avoiding the waste of material.
  • Pouring Water without Opening Cover, which means that you can pour the water without opening the lid, very easy to use and convenient for pouring, and it prevents you from scalding in the meanwhile.
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