Xiaomi Mijia G1 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum Mop

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  • 2200Pa big suction, 4-gear adjustmet
  • 4 different suction powers are set for different rooms and different dirt
  • 200ml electronically controlled water tank, 3 gears of water outlet regulation and care for home floor tiles
  • Intelligent electric control water tank, even water, protect the wooden floor
  • Suspended Suction Mouth, Mop + Super-dense Main Brush to deal with all kinds of ground, efficient dust collection
  • 3 filter system, effectively filter 3 micron dust, avoiding secondary pollution
  • Smart route planning, build a map of the whole house in real time, plan a clean route, and realize no sweeping, and the corners of the room can be cleaned
  • Just open the Mijia APP and start remotely with one click. Switch modes, view cleaning status in real time
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