YI 4K+ Action Camera Waterproof Case Set (Black)

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  • Fit for Yi Lite Yi 4K/4K+ Action Camera and for YI Accessories: Selfie Stick, Floating Hand Grip, Head Mount, Chest Mount, Wrist Mount, Hand Mount and Handlebar Bike Mount; universal 1/4 thread
  • Waterproof up to 132 feet underwater. Withstands up to -22 F temperature and
    resistant to high water pressure. Case uses hard backdoor and does not support
    touchscreen. Select In Housing Mode in System Settings to switch camera/ video modes easily with shutter button.
  • Anti-fog protection and stainless steel; scratch resistant case
  • Sturdy and secure spring latch to prevent accidental opening; hermetically sealed
  • Ultra-white glass B270 delivers 98.5% on light transmittance, high definition images
    above and below water
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