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Xiao Mi Roborock

Roborock S5

Smart cleaner gets smarter  

Sweeping + mopping  | Zoned cleaning  | Super cleaning performance  | Upgraded sensors

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All-round upgrade in 4 categories   

Cleaner Performance

Sweeping + Mopping

Smarter Zone Cleaning

Easier Obstacle Avoidance

Upgraded Sensors

More Sensitive

Clean and then mop for a cleaner home  

Roborock S5 features sweeping + mopping capability for a cleaner experience
The water tank is designed with the philosophy of botanical biomimetics, and together with the microfiber mopping cloth, they make home cleaning easier.


The Nidec brushless motor imported from Japan offers an air flow volume up to 0.67m³/min and a wind pressure up to2000Pa. The high air flow volume produces a high wind pressure that can suck away the dust on the floor and carpet, achieving an instant cleaning effect.

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Botanically biomimetic wet mopping system

The new design of the wet mopping system mimics a tree with the filter as roots and mopping cloth as leaves. They can control the water seepage in an organic manner for wet mopping of 45 to 60 minutes. Uniform water seepage is achieved during mopping. Water seepage is shut down when the cleaner is still.

Uniform water seepage during mopping


No water seepage when still


* Water is absorbed and transported through the capillarity of the vascular bundles in the roots and the transpiration of the leaves. When the transpiration of the leaves decreases, the amount of water absorbed is reduced.

* The duration of wet mopping is subject to the floor conditions.

Floating main brush
In home environment, dust is easy to accumulate but hard to clean on tiles, in cracks and around carpet edges. The floating main brush system can float up and down based on the floor conditions and cling to the ground. This way the dust and trash in the cracks can be well sucked out into the dust bin for in-depth cleaning.


Botanically biomimetic vascular bundle filter

Stable water seepage with impurities filtered

The high-precision botanically biomimetic vascular bundle filter connects the water tanks and the mopping cloth. The filter automatically absorbs water based on the capillary principle to make the cloth keep sufficient water, and filters out the impurities in the water at the same time to prevent water outlet blockage. The modular design enables disassembly and replacement with ease.

Perfectly sealed air duct
All gaps are perfectly sealed between various connections of parts in the air duct structure. The connection between the dust bin and the air duct is well sealed too to ensure overall air tightness, so the dust is completely sucked into the dust bin with nothing left on the floor at all. The horn-mouth opening is formed by a soft dust collection tube system which is connected to the dust bin using FIP sealing for flexible and great airtightness.


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Perfect fit

Mopping cloth clinging to the floor well with no hemming  

The design with maximum edge attachment is used for where the cloth and the water tank get together, so the cloth is perfectly attached to the water tank, eliminating the hemming phenomenon during mopping which otherwise would affect the normal use due to reduced mopping area.

Peace of mind

Ease-to-install flipping-free water tank

The botanically biomimetic water tank is easily removable in the form of drawer. You can simply insert it to the bottom of the cleaner when mopping without the need to flip over the cleaner.


Laser scanning for map creation

Full coverage for complete cleaning

The high-precision LDS laser range sensor can scan the room at 5×360°/second for distance information, which will then be computed with the industry-leading SLAM algorithm to generate a real-time map. Based on the map, a route along edges first and then in Z-shape will be planned for efficient and complete cleaning.


Laser scanning for map creation

Full coverage for complete cleaning

The high-precision LDS laser range sensor can scan the room at 5×360°/second for distance information, which will then be computed with the industry-leading SLAM algorithm to generate a real-time map. Based on the map, a route along edges first and then in Z-shape will be planned for efficient and complete cleaning.

Customized cleaning area as you wish

Whether you want to clean a single room, all bedrooms or a small area, all you need to do is drag the cleaning frame on the map in the app to set a custom cleaning area.


As flexible and simple as in a game

Tap the map in the app to send a command, and the cleaner will head to the target point and plan a route to avoid obstacles in the front.
No map? Just set a target point as you wish and the cleaner will build a map in real time while moving.

Powerful yet compact for great cleaning performance


Long battery life of 5200 mAa


Powerful obstacle crossing at 2cm


High suction power at 2000 Pa

Great tangle-free design
Say goodbye to the hairy problem
The main brush, side brush and omni-directional wheels are designed to be tangle-free, preventing hairs from getting into the cleaner and clogging the motor which otherwise may cause motor fault due to heating. A beak-like cleaning tool is included for easy removal of hairs in the cleaner.

Super suction of 2000Pa to clean everything

0 pa

500 pa

1000 pa

1500 pa

2000 pa








Steel ball

Vacuum cyclone 3D cleaning system

The powerful high-static pressure fan works like a cyclone for high suction, the floating main brush fits well the floor, and the sealed smooth air duct ensures no suction loss. Along with the side brushes and rolling brushes, they make sure that the floor is completed cleaned, horizontally and vertically. This way, even when you walk on the floor barefoot, you won't feel any dust or granules.

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Crossing obstacles of 2cm high with ease
“Nothing can stop my longing for freedom”
* The obstacle-crossing height is subject to floor materials and actual working environment
* Obstacle-crossing capability may be decreased when the water tank is installed

Intelligent carpet identification for automatic pressurized cleaning

The cleaner can automatically identify the carpet and turn on the maximum suction to clean it. After getting off the carpet, the cleaner will automatically restore the normal suction.

* Carpet pressurization mode should be enabled in the app

Considerate design for easier cleaning

Washable strainer for easy cleaning

The E11-grade strainer is coated with waterproof Teflon, and 95% filter performance can be retained after 1 year of normal use. The dustier anddirtier duct bin can be rinsed in water directly, making it easier to clean.

* The normal washing frequency is once a week. Do not scrub it.


Careful noise reduction design

Clean your home more quietly

Fully fitted sealed silencer pads work perfectly with the specially created porous air screen for optimal noise reduction, making cleaning more quiet.

Upgraded sensors for a smarter cleaning experience

Learn more about sensors >

Collision sensor

When the cleaner works, if the enclosure hits an obstacle gently, the enclosure will deform a little bit which will press the two buttons on the outside. The collision sensor works by detecting whether the buttons are pressed and where the collision point is located (left, right or middle) to protect items in the house from being damaged.

Cliff Sensor

4 cliff sensors can sense the height of the step with each one consisting of an infrared transmitter and an infrared receiver. They are installed at the bottom of the cleaner, and the transmitters send out infrared ray to the ground at a specified interval. If the time between transmission and receipt is long or there is no receipt by the receivers, it indicates that the bottom of the cleaner is far away from the ground. This can help prevent the cleaner from falling down.

Fall sensor

The cleaner stops working as soon as lifted off the ground

The fall sensor can detect whether the wheels are in pressed state so as to determine whether the cleaner is working properly. When the wheels are off ground, the cleaner will stop working immediately, significantly increasing the safety during handling.

Collision-avoidance soft rubber ring eliminates the damage caused by collision  

Cliff sensor protects the cleaner from falling down  

The cleaner stops working if lifted off the ground  

LDS omni-directional cover bumper sensor prevents the cleaner from being stuck  

Dual electronic compasses makes virtual wall detection more precise  

Recharge sensor comes with high-precision infrared sensing

From cleaning progress to remote control, everything is crystal clear

Whatever you want to see, it can show you


Progress check

Display cleaning map and route in real time for total visibility


Remote control

Control your cleaner for cleaning, recharging and more even when you are not home

timerbtn (1)

Timer cleaning

Set a timer to make the cleaner work on a regular basis, for example, starting cleaning after you go to work so you can go back to a clean home


Software update

Upgrade the cleaner's software system over the air to keep it up-to-date with latest optimized algorithms

Excellent recharge technology to ensure always standby

New infrared dock charger

Front-transmitted 180° infrared recharge signal can reach far to 4 m, enabling the cleaner to locate the dock charger with high precision back. The dock charger is equipped with impeccable over-current, over-voltage and short-circuit protection, and the low-voltage 20VDC power supply is harmless to both humans and pets.


Automatic recharge and resumption from where left off

More reasonable recharge route planning for even bigger house

The cleaner will automatically return to the dock charger for fast recharge after cleaning. When the battery level is low, the cleaner will recharge and then resume cleaning from where left off.


New recharge method

Intelligent detection for high-precision recharge

When looking for dock charge, the cleaner can intelligently and quickly scan the environment with its LDS laser sensor rather than trace along the walls in the traditional manner, making dock sensing smarter, faster and more reliable.


Robust modular design for excellent durability


Compact, elegant and cutting-edge

Technology, lifestyle, personality and simplicity, this is the design philosophy of the new Roborock S5.

Special thanks to Liang Jianguo, Phillip Stark, Liang Zhitian, Ju Bin of Easyhome for their support with the shooting.

Roomba 980 totally rocks! It managed to get the same amount of dirt from my carpet as what I got from using my handheld vacuum cleaner. Cheers to home cleaning automation.



Timothy, Georgetown

Account Manager

Tried once with unbranded China product. I think I's better stick back to using iRobot. Good in quality and clean very well. This one has been working fine for 1.5 years. Gonna buy one more for my parents.



Simon, Ampang


Definitely the ideal solution for home cleaning. Especially for people who work regular hours. You will never know how good is the feeling of being freed from not needing to sweep the floor everyday. 



Christina, Sunway

Chartered Accountant

Best purchase of the year! The Roomba 980 impressed us right out of the box! It runs every day while we're at work and it's wonderful to come home to a clean house. It also necessitates keeping things picked up, which is a good habit lost to the busy-ness of life - so Roomba has restored order and good habits, which we appreciate. The carpet-cleaning power, thoroughness and dust-bin capacity are impressive. I'm thrilled!




Oliver, Kajang


App works excellent with the bot. Pick up my husky's dog hair with no problem and does an amazing job picking up dirt, sand, and small material. Pattern sequence works perfectly to provide the best cleaning along with the final edge clean after. Have had good experience with my baby Roomba. 



Lina, Kepong

Area Manager

I love my iRobot. Never have to vacuum manually again. Doesn't miss a spot. Gets into corners and cleans along baseboards where regular vacuum cant even get.


Harrisons, JB

Chief Financial Officer

The roomba 980 performance has exceeded my expectations. It was very easy to set up and start using. The phone app makes it great to schedule, locate, and see a history. I'm very pleased with the roomba!



Lim, Petaling Jaya

IT Manager

The roomba 980 met every expectation i had. It thoroughly cleans our downstairs in one session, the dust bin is large enough to handle the fur from our two dogs, the tangle free cleaning rollers truly don't get tangled, it hasn't gotten stuck on any obstacles, navigates around furniture very well, and ability to return to base and charge so far has been flawless. So far, a strong recommendation!



Jasmine, Cheras


Roomba does a great job and I found I don't have to empty the bin as often as I expected, it holds way more than you'd think. It does an excellent job of cleaning especially under the furniture which is usually hard to reach. Worth the money spent.




Chen, Bangsar

Business Owner

We have 2 cats that shed heavily. I decided to invest in a Roomba since I just couldn't keep up with the shedding. Now the house is obviously cleaner and fresher. We absolutely love it. I really should have bought this earlier. 



Amelia, Klang

Marketing Director

Compare the Roomba Series

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I like that I can let the Roomba roam free throughout my household without worry. It truly reaches places that my own vacuum could not clean. I highly recommend it to all.

- Annie, New Roomba 980 User


Roomba is a life saver. It also is a time saver. Even more, it is a dirt destroyer. Yes, the Roomba is the real deal. My floors and rugs never looked and felt so clean. Thank You Roomba!

- Kevin, New Roomba 980 User

The new Roomba remarkably makes the robot even easier to use and, most importantly, makes it much, much smarter about cleaning a room — even an entire first floor.

- Mashable, 2015

Okay... What's the difference between Roomba and the other "i-Robot" in the market?

Can't they do the same?

Unfortunately NO...

The other copycats/clones are poor in terms of:

...It's like comparing Mercedes Benz and Proton...

We could go on and on about the breakdowns and disappointments faced by Samsung, LG, Ecovacs, i-Rova, iClebo users, but we will leave that for some other time

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Bought for my parents recently, my mother is wheelchair bound. Definitely helps in some way to clean their house.

Su Chin

Graphic Designer

I'm a housewife with 4 kids at home. So busy everyday sending them to school, tuitions, and cooking. Where got time to clean everyday lah? My maid comes once every week. Luckily i have Roomba.



I wanted to buy from John Ackerman at Subang Empire. But they never pick up the calls like forever? 

Daisy Tay

Area Manager

Oh I have been AutoVac Bot's customer for many years. They always manage to bring in the latest models faster than anyone else.


Managing Director

Wifey been pestering me to buy a robotic vacuum for her. An iRobot specifically. Like any typical husband, I am skeptical, especially when i'm dropping like 3000+ for a robot. But after purchasing it, I'm never looking back again. Wifey is happy. 


Finance Director

Got one for myself. Getting another one for my parents home. Kekeke



Have always been skeptical with the efficiency of robotic vacuums. But the 30 Days Money Back Guarantee policy by AutoVac Bot truly open my eyes. Loving my Roomba now. 


Civil Engineer

I tell you man, their LiveChat is real. Not some bots with automated messages. Real human. Me likey.


Business Owner

As an old lady who have no experience with robotic vacuums, Jeya was very helpful in assisting with my purchase although her english wasn't very fluent. 



Cheapest price so far I find online. Cheaper than lazada or 11street.

Muhammad Zaidi

Software Engineer

Very fast shipping. Got my orders within the week itself.


Business Owner

My robot had some errors after 1.5 years of using, thank god i'm still covered under AutoVac Bot warranty! 🙂



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