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Robot vacuum cleaners have become a popular gadget since the last few years, and it is very easy to understand why. It’s easy to use and practical and who can ignore its hands-free action? Having a robot vacuum is hands down the most effective way of cleaning your house effortlessly within no time. Even though it is a piece of tiny equipment, it is highly effective. The new millennial love to engage themselves in smart cleaning and that's why they have changed the way they clean their houses by getting themselves a robot vacuum. And let me tell you, the robot vacuum is worth the hype. Want to know why? Well, we have listed down the benefits of having a robot vacuum.

5 Benefits of Having A Robot Vacuum

Highly Effective

1. Highly Efficient

Nowadays, a robot vacuum can perform multiple tasks. It not only cleans the house but also finds their way back to recharge itself. The biggest advantage of having a robot vacuum is that it systematically cleans the house with no human intervention. All you need to do is switch it on and let it do the cleaning. Most robot vacuum comes with navigation sensors that prevent them from bumping into obstacles. The dirt sensors present in it detect the dirty spot and clean it vigorously. And once it discovers that it is running low on battery, it finds its way to the charging dock and recharges itself. On the other hand, a regular vacuum cleaner such as Panasonic or Dyson has to be pushed around the room for cleaning, but you can control a robot vacuum with your smartphone. You can monitor and track its cleaning session. And not only this, you can also schedule your floor-cleaning chores and come back to a clean room

Time is Money $$$$


2. Save Time

Imagine the horror when you have to manually clean a room or push a full-sized vacuum all around the room after you are back from your work. Now imagine another scenario, where you simply pick up your smartphone and command your robot vacuum to clean the room. With scheduling, you can come back to a clean home every day and spend the time saved with your loved ones or doing other productive things. The robot vacuum saves your time and effort which is needed for cleaning your house, and this makes it very convenient for the working adults.

Ideal for Handicapped or Elderly

3. Ideal for Handicapped and Elderly

People who suffer from mobility issues like the elderly and handicapped can truly benefit a lot from a robot vacuum. The hands-free operation of the robot vacuum will prove to be a very liberating experience for the disabled and elderly. You do not need to bend to do the sweeping and the mopping and you do not need to keep pushing heavy vacuums all across the room. Just a tap on the smartphone will do the work for you!

4. Highly Economical

The robot vacuum has been in the market for quite a long time now and therefore, both the prices and features have improved a lot. It might look a bit pricey in the beginning, but you should know that it is very cheap to maintain a robot vacuum. The only maintenance that it requires is cleaning of the filter and the brushes once in a while, and that’s it. And even though it runs mechanically, its power usage is very low. Trust me; the electricity bill won’t burn a hole in your pocket. And also, the life span of a robot vacuum is very long, and this makes it quite a cost-efficient product. Even if you have a maid, you should buy a robot vacuum to maximize the maid effectiveness. Let a robot vacuum do the job of floor cleaning while the maid prepares you a delicious meal!

No Theft

5. No worries of theft

When you have an outsider at home, for example, the maid, you always have to worry or doubt if anything has gone missing. Cases of theft is not a rare scenario when there is an outsider involved. But with a robot vacuum, you can give your mind a rest because it won’t be stealing anything from you. In case anything goes missing just search the dirtbin of your robot vacuum; the only difference will be that your house will be squeaky cleaning. And why to worry about theft when you can actually rest the entire thought by buying a robot vacuum?

The robot vacuum is a blessing for every homeowners, disabled and older adults. It helps you improve your lifestyle by cleaning the house for you. It not only cleans your surrounding but also saves your time and effort without costing you a bomb. After going through the list of benefits above, will you get a robot vacuum to help you out? Let us know in the comments below!

In the past few years, technology has evolved drastically and taken a new leap. Thanks to it, we now have robot vacuums to make things easier. Can you imagine the day when after a long work, you have to start cleaning your house manually? Even the thought of manually sweeping and mopping the floors literally suck the life out of me. Well, now you can get rid of the Herculean task with the help of a robot vacuum. One cannot help but ask if do they really need a robot vacuum? Can robot vacuum really help with the house chores? We are here to help you, and the answer is yes, you need a robot vacuum if you belong to one of the categories mentioned below:

5 Types of People Who Needs a Robot Vacuum

1. Busy Working Adults

Modern life is a hectic affair, especially if you are a working adult. After slugging on work the entire day, it becomes impossible to indulge in deep cleaning. And when you have been working for the whole week, do you want to further spend your weekend cleaning your house? Also, when you are working, you hardly get any personal time or family time, and in such a scenario, you can easily let go of the cleaning time. Not to forget that the current Gen Y loves a cleaned apartment but don’t want to dirty their hands cleaning it. If you are busy working adult, you can always use the helping hand of a robot vacuum to make things much more manageable. Give the cleaning job to a robot vacuum, so that you can focus on something much more productive ie: spending time with love ones. <3

Families without Maid Troubling Kids To Clean

2. Families Without Maid

The larger the family members, the messier everything gets when it comes to cleaning the house. But if you have a maid, all is well (*maid brings another load of problems itself but we shall discuss about it a different time. Will link to it later). But if you don’t have a maid or you experience maid runaway issues, then you should consider investing yourself a robot vacuum. Moving the furniture from here and there to clean the floor underneath is not possible without the help of a maid. But the robot vacuum can do it quickly, thanks to its short height. That’s just one of the many ways by which a robot vacuum can help you.

Super Busy Housewives

3. Housewives

A housewife or a homemaker has plenty of things to do. Trust me; if you are a housewife, your work burden is sometimes even more magnificent than a working professional. How can one forget that apart from managing the house chores, they also have to take care of the kids? Running from schools to tuitions along with the kids to feeding babies, the responsibility of a housewives is tremendous. And if you are new parent expecting baby soon, things can get out of hand pretty quick. And just because you are a housewife, it doesn’t mean that you have to do cleaning manually everyday. A robot vacuum can easily take of the responsibility off your shoulder and make your life a lot easier. On top of that, most Malaysians live in a pretty big houses compared relatively to countries such as Singapore, Japan, United States etc. It really makes much more sense to have a robot vacuum to clean your huge house.

Pet Allergy Sufferers

4. Allergic/Pet suffers

Many people are allergic to dust. Are you one of them? If yes, we can know the plight when it comes to cleaning your room. Do you need to suffer like this? No, because now you have a way out for taking care of your health. People who suffer from respiratory diseases like asthma, sinus and respiratory issues have to go an extra mile to ensure that they are not surrounded by dust. A slight irritation in the respiratory system is enough to cause breathing difficulty. It is not advisable that you do the cleaning yourself when you are suffering from such issues. A quality robot vacuum will keep your place squeaky clean, and you will never have to face the allergy issue ever again. Also, if you have a pet, you might be facing problems like shedding hair of the pet. Manually cleaning it is not possible, but it can be mechanically cleaned easily with a robot vacuum.

Elderly People Backache

5. Elderly People

For elderly and disabled people, even a simple task like sweeping and mopping that needs bending becomes a huge struggle. It is not convenient to engage oneself with household work at this age. Also, at this stage, using a regular vacuum cleaner is a big problem. But the robot vacuum that works so smartly is a huge convenience for the seniors. If you are an elderly, you can sigh a breath of relief by getting yourself a robot vacuum. And if you are someone working who stays away from the parents, why don’t you gift them a robot vacuum to make cleaning a convenient task for them?

Robot vacuums have moved out of the sci-fi movies and are here to help you for real. If you are someone who knows the importance of regular cleaning but is unable to indulge in it because of constraints, you are someone who needs a robot vacuum.

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