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Everyone is looking for the best deal in town, and with Lazada, Shoppee, Qoo10, its so easy now to check and compare prices.

And with the poor backend system used on these marketplaces, you usually get lost with the flood of similar offerings for an identical product.

Today I will be sharing why you should buy a global Xiaomi or Roborock unit.

UPDATE: read till the end of the post to find out why you MUST get the Global set.

Why Global Set aka International Set?

1. Seamless Connection

This is very very important. If you purchase a China set, you will have to set your country/region to China, and every time you want to establish a connection with the robot within your home Wi-Fi or even remotely, it will have to bypass the China servers.

Since the servers are located in China, the response time will be slow. And also if you don't know, China has strong network firewalls that prevent incoming traffics from any other countries except themselves.

So you might experience some connectivity issues some time.

2. True Ecosystem Connectivity

If you intend to own multiple Xiaomi home automation products in the future, you should beware that only the global sets will give you the best experience.

Most of the non global sets have to used China as their country location. So if you happen to have a mixture of Global sets and China sets, you will find yourself constantly switching accounts back and forth. Not something that you really want right?

3. Easy software/firmware upgrade

With global sets, your product update will be seamless as the servers are not located within China. See point 1 again.

4. Default language is English

The default langugage global sets of Roborock and Xiaomi are English. If you have purchased a China set, the default language is in Chinese. However you will be able to modify the language later within the Mi Home app settings.

5. Power plug is UK plug

The global sets comes equipped with UK plug which is directly compatible with our local socket. There will be no need for an extra adapter to be able to use it.

UPDATE: As there are many sellers who sells China set Roborock, we have received a memo from the Roborock company that there will be a future upgrade to all Roborock and Xiaomi manufactured.

The update will make the Roborock unable to receive updates or used outside of China. This is a strict measure taken against the illegal importers from China and to protect their distributors of Global version.

What is the point of purchasing a cheap Roborock from Lazada or Shopee to have it unusable few months down the road?

I hope this post gives you enough reason to convince yourself in getting a global set.

Ultimately, this is a risk you can avoid.

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Sales & Expert advice
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