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TL;DR We got conned by Lazada and Skynet on a sale of RM2k and both of them are pushing the blame to each other and to us as well. As a long time seller on Lazada, I feel very disappointed that no actions has been taken.

This will be a pretty lengthy post, as I want to put out as much details as possible during the timeline of the incident.

We received an order on 30th January 2018, with the order number 3947851242. We contacted Skynet and the parcel was collected on 1st of February, which is 2 days after the order date.

On 6 February 2018 4.05pm, we received an email saying the tracking number in untraceable.

*It's like this every single effing time. Parcel collected, and we received email of untraceable tracking number. We are really living in a 3rd world country but act like we are in 1st world.*

Nehmindddd, we are used to it liao. So we submitted the escalation form and attached the signed merchant copy of the consignment note on 6 February 2018 5.02pm.

NOTE: Everytime after we submit the form, the system will be updated shortly. So i guess everything will be alright lor hor? *fingers crossed*

To be fair, from our many years of experience, we do understand that during festive months like this, especially when we are approaching Chinese New Year, most logistic services will be flooded with an excess of delivery, and the deliveries might face some delay due to the overload.

Nehmindddd... I totally understand again....


But since Lazada and Skynet are the so called "big boys" in town, in good faith, we put our trust in them that the item will be delivered on time. We kacang putih, cannot do anything ma right?

Unfortunately, on 17 February 2018, the order is cancelled by Lazada system.

Damn kan cheong we lost money for nothing, we fast fast submit another ticket [PSC-1798781] to inform about this issue.

We have also initiated many livechat sessions to get help, but all of them kept asking us to submit form, but no help was given at all.

On 22 February 2018, Skynet finally updated their system, and the item has already been delivered to customer.

WAH CHAM LIAO LOR! Money Lost! Product also LOST! Wah kao!

We contacted Lazada Seller support again, but they said that it is our fault for still sending the item to customer when the order has already been cancelled. But we have shipped the item immediately after receiving the order! Can you believe it?!


And ever since, we have been emailing Lazada Support back and forth to get back our hard earned money. This entire glitch happen because of Skynet delayed in updating their system.

Furthermore, the Seller Support department told us the merchant copy order does not have a date written on the merchant copy itself.

To be honest, this is another problem from Skynet. We have always asked them for their name, company chop and date as a proof of pickup. But many times they just turn a blind eye, giving reasons like not having the chop with them, act dumb and all. It seems like Skynet hires mostly incompetent dispatch boys.

Here are some of the tickets for the conversation made with their Seller Support: PSC 1072870, PSC 1673397, PSC1798781.

I can prove this matter in the attachments below. Many orders were pick up but no date was written, theres is no company chop either.
skynet dispatch boys does not sign or leave any ID

I do realize and admit that it is our fault for not insisting on getting the chop and date on this particular order, but what can we do when Skynet dispatch are incompetent? Should we refuse the pickup and wait for another pickup to be made a few days more? We are required by Lazada to fulfill each order within 48 hours or risk the order being cancelled. But as a long time Lazada seller, this is the first time I encounter such issue.

In all, I would like to state that the arguments made by Lazada Seller support is full of flaw.
1. If we really ship the item on 22nd Feb, why would I be able to submit an escalation form on 6th February 2018?
2. If the order has been cancelled on 17th February, why would I still be so stupid to send the item afterwards on 22nd Feb?

On top of that, the entire Lazada support is TOTAL SHIT. Previously we have a seller support contact number to raise any issues we face, but now all we have is email and livechat. But ALL of them are trained to reply according to SCRIPT. They all reply like robots, not understanding our problems at all.

As I could not reach anyone by the phone for the Seller Support, I called the Customer Support instead, I know they could not help me with my Seller issues, but I was hoping they could transfer the line to someone who is able to. But to my dismay, all of them are only good at providing excuses like "Oh our managers currently are busy, they will contact you back" or "Oh, I can't do that, I'm sorry" or "I understand your situation, but.... [XXXX Reasons]". I did not receive any callback from your support at all. Really, they are the same INCOMPETENT as the seller support.

All in all, I am just a small time seller on lazada, trying to earn a little bit to support my team members and also to provide for my family. Selling on Lazada is not free. I pay 5% commission for all sales plus 2% payment gateway fee. But with that, I am hoping to receive a better support as a seller, and to get my issues resolved amicably.

I am not trying to badmouth Lazada or Skynet, all I want to now is to get back what is belong to us. At the same time, I hope this post can help other sellers as well and to prevent them from getting con like us do.

I will update this post again, IF lazada takes proper measures to rectify this issue.

Thank you.

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Sales & Expert advice
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