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Roomba 600 Care Plan Special Offer

Special One Time Offer!

Congrats on your new purchase of the faithful servant Roomba!

Roomba is a tough, dedicated mean machine designed specifically to suck up every single dust/hair/allergens keeping your home squeaky clean day in day out.

Thankfully for Roomba, the maintenance is simple, simply change the filter every 2-3 months and you're good to go.

To save you some hassle, we are offering you Roomba Care Plan. With this plan, we will send you every 3 months;

That's 4x Filter and 4x Side Brush every year. And yes! Shipping is FREE!

All you have to do is very simple. Every time you receive a package from us, the first thing you need to do is change the filter and sidebrush. Simple eh?

Not only you get to keep the house clean, on top of that, you get to maximize the air quality in your home as the HEPA filter trap pollens and allergens in the air. Double yay!

The normal price for the subscription is RM239/yr. See it to believe it!

Now, you can get the same exact subscription for only RM179/yr. That's a savings of 25% or RM60!

IF, and only IF you are not satisfied, feel free to cancel the subscription. We will refund you accordingly. No question asked.

And yes, your baby Roomba gonna love you so much it's gonna work for you diligently every single day!

Yes, Please do!

No, I'm all set right now. Maybe later.

P.S. The offer above will be gone forever once you leave this page.

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Sales & Expert advice
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