Neato XV Signature Pro

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Professional grade cleaning.
Advanced laser guided navigation and powerful suction ensures your Neato goes automatically from room to room, cleaning close to edges, in corners, and carefully around furniture. It returns to the charge base and resumes where it left off! It offers easy scheduling of daily cleaning or a button for instant cleaning. The versatile brush system offers superior pick-up of pet hair, dander and fiber on all floor types. The special filters retain more than three times the amount of fine dust particles as standard filters, which is perfect for removing allergens from the home.

  • Works on all different floor types – wood, tile, carpet, vinyl
  • Easily schedule daily cleanings or just push a button for spot clean or instant multi-room cleaning
  • Two High-Performance Filters reduce dust and allergens
  • Blade and brush system offers the best performance on any floor type and picks up tough pet hair
  • Strongest suction available in a robot vacuum
  • Easily schedule daily cleanings or just push a button for spot clean or instant multi-room cleaning



Powerful Suction

The strongest suction among all Neato Robotic Vacuums. Dual action brush system for superior cleaning on all floor types – carpet, hard wood and tile.

Intelligent Navigation

Advanced laser guided navigation featuring Smart Sensor and Smart Corner technology. Firmware can be upgraded when new features become available.

High Performance

Two high performance HEPA filters. Ultimate choice for reducing dust, allergens and pet furs.

Automatic Cleaning

Easy to use Control center makes it easy to schedule daily cleanings or spot clean instantly.


Improvements to Neato XV Signature Pro vs XV-11 or XV-12

There are several major improvements compared to the XV-11 or 12. First and foremost, it is very attractive product. It is the first to offer a stylish black and gunmetal with chrome accent finish.

The Signature Pro comes with

  • Multi function pet series brush
  • Two allergen reducing HEPA filters
  • Loaded with latest software technology including “Smart Corner” which takes it deep into corners and then backs up before making a turn to maximize cleaning effect.

Benefits of Neato XV Signature Pro

  • Keeps your home healthy, dust free!
  • Reduce allergens and removes pet hair
  • Unique Pet and Allergy Brush: Bristle Brush easily picks up pet hair
  • Runs quietly, especially on hard floors
  • Special Pet and Allergy Filter: Super-high airflow and suction power
  • Picks up and contains fine dust particles
  • Cleans Like You Do: Vacuums in conventional back-and-forth pattern
  • Vacuums close to walls and corners
  • Carefully cleans around obstacles and under furniture
  • Easy, Automatic Operation: Large, bagless dirt bin, it’s easy to empty and clean
  • Automatically adjusts itself between carpets and hard floors
  • Automatically returns to base to recharge if battery is low

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